Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I haven't posted in way too long, I have lots of posts drafted up, but most of them are only about 50% finished. haha :)

This one will be short and sweet! Last week I started going to Zumba with one of my long-time best ever friends. Michelle and I have SO much FUN!!! :) haha I know we look silly doing it, but it's such a great workout and it's nice to be able to see her more often and get some laughs and a good workout in at the same time! Plus, our instructor Priscilla is AMAZING!! She has so much energy!! Without her, class wouldn't be half as fun!!

We also went to a special Zumba class last Saturday at a local community center. It was the Party Hearty event celebrating Heart Month to raise money for the American Heart Association. You can check out the Zumba Pensacola site here. If you're local you should join us!! :)
While we didn't pose for any pictures, here are a couple from the event, and we are right in the middle!

And of course there is Priscilla on stage! :) This pic sums up her personality nicely I think! :)

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Cassie said...

I would love to try ZUMBA! I have heard some awesome things about it :) plus it kinda looks like fun!

Beth said...

It is sooo much fun!!! :) You should definitely come with us once you get settled! Congrats on your new little one!!! :)


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