Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some New Projects....

So lately Mom and I have been checking out DIY blogs, crafty blogs, etsy, ebay, going antiquing for cool stuff... You get the picture right? :) haha I love making things, fixing things up, finding a treasure in someone else's old junk and just plain being crafy! I just wish I had more time to do all of that. Plus, all of the antique shops here locally close at 5, and I typically get off work at 4 so that doesn't leave much time to scrounge around them, so that leaves the weekends which means my house doesn't get cleaned because I'm never home. haha :) Oh well, it's all about give and take right? Anyways, we've picked out a few things to work on and here is where we found our inspiration for all of them!

Advent CalendarI've been wanting a soft one that I can hang for several years now, and just haven't found what I wanted, nor did I want to pay lots of money for one. I have this cute little wooden snowman that mom gave me, which I love but I'm terrified my cats will knock it off one year and shatter it and then I'll cry. :( So right now I'm getting all of my stuff together to make one of these! Abby at A Feathered Nest did a fantastic job on her's which she modeled after one she loved at Pottery Barn. I think hers turned out WAY better than the PB one!! :)

Mine will definitely have different squares, and I'm going to try to coerce Adam and my Dad to make a square to add to it. :) And I know Mom will be helping me make a lot of the square anyways, so it will be a family project! :)

Clothesline Organization Station

I think this was just fate the day that I saw this at Jami's site Freckled Laundry! :) I found it while I was working reading blogs at work, and it just so happened someone in my mom's neighborhood was having a garage sale preview that night for everyone in the neighborhood before their actual garage sale the next day. So we went down, and I saw that they had a box of free wood and said oh Mom that would be perfect for our projects. But then she's like no, I'm sure your Dad has tons of wood we can use. So we didn't get it. Later that night, my Dad says, you know that wood would have been perfect for what you wanted to make, so I get on the phone and make my mom call those people and tell them we need that wood!! :) So, they hid it for us, and my mom ran down and got it the next morning! YAY!! (I since have not learned my lesson to just get something that I think I might need if it's free or doesn't cost much. I found some glasses at an antique store by my house for CHEAP, didn't get them, went back a couple days later to get them, and they were gone. I shall not do that again. ;)

Anyways, mine will be a little different. We found some super cute fabric at Joann's for only $3!!! It was regular like $25/yard but the girl rang it up as a remant for me! In the middle, I'm going to hang 2 dry erase boards instead of just the paper calendar. And of course I'm doing different little embellishments on everything! Can't wait to have this to organize bills, coupons, to do lists for Adam, and more!! ;).

Family Rules Sign
Alright, here is the inspiration for my Mom's project! (The one that we got the other piece of perfect free wood for!! ;) hehe) Gail at My Repurposed Life posted this awhile back, and we both loved it!! I can't wait until we get a Cricut or buy/win a Silhouette so we can make one for her house!

So these are some of the projects we are working on! I'm hoping to post with the progress of them, as well as, all of the other things we're working on! :) Hope everyone has a great day!

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Win a Silhouette!!

Hey everyone,
Just a quick post to tell you that Wendy at The Shabby Nest is having a giveaway for a new Silhouette! Go visit her site and check it out. There are several ways you could win, so be sure and do them all. Or don't. That means more competition and I really want to win this one! Either way, good luck to everyone!


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