Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching up...

Last weekend started off with the McGuire's 5K Prediction Run! I was so excited Adam was able to get his work schedule altered so he could be there! We've been doing it every year we've been together I think! :) I need to dig out all the t-shirts to see for sure! Here is a pic of us on race day, and then a pic of the starting line. We were waaaaaaaaaay in the back! haha :) But we did pretty good and were only about 1 minute off of our times that we guessed. :)

Sorry for the crappy image! My iphone doesn't like sun! :) hehe

LOTS OF people! I think there were over 11,000 this year! Another record breaker!

On Sunday I was so excited because we were going to Painting with a Twist later that day! :) We signed up for a 2-hour class and painted owls!! It was SO MUCH FUN! I'll definitely be going back! Adam kept telling me his owl didn't look right, but I think his turned out even better than mine! :) Here we are below with our owls!

It's only $35 per person, and that includes a 16x20 canvas (which can cost around $28), the paint, brushes, instructor and they clean it all up for you! And the instructor we had, Holly, was GREAT! She was so patient and taught us how to blend and fix mistakes, etc. I wore an owl shirt since we were painting owls. You can kind of see it in the picture! :) Plus, the paintings are dry (they have blow dryers if you need them) and you get to take them home with you!! Like I said, we'll definitely be going back, and I can't wait to go with a few of my girlfriends too! They are all over the country so check and see if there is a location near you!

This is the demo one they had there, and I think ours turned out really close!!

After painting, Adam was coerced happy to go to a local antique shop that was having a 5 and dime weekend. Most of the booths participate by having items for 5 cents and 10 cents. I didn't see anything I liked that was that cheap this time, but I did find these cute fire king cereal bowls! :) I love the little comics on them. I ended up getting 3 of them for $10 which I thought was a steal! :)

Later that night we met some good friends for dinner at Outback. I haven't been there to eat for about 6 years because of such a crappy experience we had one night. UGH! But it wasn't too bad Sunday. :) And it was nice catching up with Noah and Judy and finally meeting their little one Madelyn!! Of course I didn't bring my camera, but we're planning on doing some more stuff with them soon so I'll catch a photo of all of us then!! :)

After dinner we came home and noticed their were clumps of fur flying around the house. And then I noticed that 2 of our cats were kind of at a standoff with each other, hissing and growling, etc. LOVELY! haha One had a bloody nose and the other had toenails stuck in his face. Now, keep in mind, they have all lived together since 2008. So for over 3 years we've gone without any major fighting. Just a few spats here and there. But this one brought it to a whole new level. Needless to say, they have been separated while we aren't home this whole week. :) It's been working out nicely, except I don't like having a litter box back in our master bathroom. ICK! But hopefully they will calm down and be nice to each other again soon. Fingers crossed!!

The rest of our week has been pretty uneventful, until last night, which I'll get to in a minute. ;) On Tuesday we met Judy, Noah and Madelyn for a quick dinner at Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday! YUM!! I LOVE eating there! Then we rushed home and then to Malbis (about 35 minutes away) so I could get a gift for a lingerie shower that was Thursday night. We left the house at 8pm, (yes, Victoria's Secret closed at 9pm), but we made it there with plenty of time to spare. Why did we drive all the way to Alabama to get the gift? Adam asked me the same question. Well, our stupid Victoria's Secret only had Florida Gator lingerie, and the AL had Alabama stuff of course. :) And Allison (the bride to be) LOVES Alabama! I got her the cutest, comfiest, softest romper I've ever seen. It's too bad they don't have a Notre Dame or Ohio State one, or I'd have one too. ;) Anyways, the shower was last night and I think she really liked it. They are going to Jamaica next week on their honeymoon and everyone was excited because she could wear it to lounge in over her bathing suit on the beach. :)

While I was at the party, Adam calls me like a hundred times. And texts me to call him. Well my phone was on vibrate so I didn't see that he had been trying to reach me. I finally get him on the phone, and he tells me someone hit me. I'm like in the face? He's like NO, my car! I was like Oh that sucks!! Where are they? Well, they drove off. What A**HOLES! People are so dumb. He was turning left into a parking lot, and they decided to turn out before he was out of they way, and they hit him and just drove right off. UGH! Here is the damage. Not that bad, but still annoying that is happened. I'm just glad Adam is ok. A car is easy to fix and can be replaced, Adam cannot be replaced. :)

Well tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then tomorrow I have to be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 10am so I can get glamourized with all the other attendants. haha :) (This is the first wedding I've been in since I was younger, so I'm kind of nervous. I don't really want to bust my face in the middle of the ceremony. LOL) The wedding is at 5pm tomorrow night, so they will be doing lots of primping on me until then. I'm looking forward to it though, and I know Allison will be glad to have it here, and then be off to Jamaica for the week.

Time to go get ready for the rehearsal tonight! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Love, love, love the little bowls. They are SO cute! :)


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