Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Owl necklace

I love working with felt! :) 1. It's cheap; 2. It's easy to work with; 3. You can make all kinds of things! :) I had seen some cute charms made from felt on etsy, and lately I've been loving owls so I decided to draw out an owl and whip something up. I stopped by Joann's and grabbed a pack of jump rings and a cheapo chain. haha :) And I already had felt at home, so I came home and started cutting. I ended up using all scraps to make this. When I made felt flower pins at Christmas, I saved all the scraps, even the teeny tiny ones. I need to take pictures of that and add it. :) It's amazing what you can do with even the smallest scrap of something. hehe Everything things I'm crazy for saving stuff like that, but I finally put some of it to good use! YES! :)

Anyways, here is my little owl friend I came up with. I think he turned out pretty cute. Everything is felt, except I hand embroidered the little black feathers on the front and his black eyeballs are just little French knots. Well, ok, they are my version of a French knot because I don't do them correctly, but they work none the less. I was going to use hot glue for this project, but I got some felt glue before Christmas and decided to give it a whirl. I also attached a piece of stiffened felt to the back to help it be a little sturdier. :) All in all I think this necklace cost me about $1 after using coupons at Joann's for the chain and jump rings.

Excuse the crappy pictures, I just took them on my iphone at work, and we don't have the best lighting here. Fluorescents are just plain GROSS for lighting! haha :)

And a close up! :)

One more thing. I attached the stiffened felt to the back of the little owl before I did the embroidery, so all the strings were hanging everywhere looking gross. I should have embroidered, then put the stiffened felt over that. But since I didn't, I just cute a couple scraps and covered up my nasty knots in the back. haha :) So I'd recommend doing it the opposite way I did it. hehe :)

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ratty daddy dinkdum said...

Cute, cute, cute necklace. :) You did a good job.


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