Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the Hunt for a Vintage Craft/Sewing Table

It's been awhile since I've posted! But I've busy BUSY! :) I've been picking up lots of goodies at local antique/flea market/thrift/whatever you want to call them shops. haha :) Most recently though I've been on the hunt for a porcelain top table!

My Mom has my Grandma's in her craft/sewing room. It's from the 1940s or 1950s I believe, and it's the table my Grandma and Grandpa set up their very first house together with. :) I LOVE that table, and I'm so glad we have it! Here it is in the picture below with my Mom's sewing machine on it!

So I've been on the hunt for one to use at my house! I've found a few, but I haven't found the "one" yet, but I'll keep looking!! Here are a few of the options and how I came across them!

Last Saturday, I decided to head over to Daphne, AL for an estate sale. It was the last day of the sale and I figured they wouldn't have much left, but I made a FANTASTIC find! It's probably the best deal I've found since I started thrifting!! :) More about that and all the other goodies I've found lately in another post tomorrow! Anyways, after the estate sale, I decided to make a quick stop at the Daphne Antique Galleria. I ended up coming across this cute table and chair.

Unfortunately, it wasn't priced, and the shop wasn't able to get a hold of the vendor that day. Monday I was able to call and get a price of $145 for the table and chair together. So Adam and I drove back over last night to check it out a little closer and decide if it was worth the $145. Turns out the table is quite wobbly, and all of the hardware underneath is completely rusted. And one of the legs is split pretty bad in several places. So at this point, we've decided to pass on this table. :( Sad, since it's so cute, but I kind of want something in a little better condition, and something I can use asap without having to repair it much.

While I was waiting on a price from the store, I found this beauty on ebay.

I've talked to the seller, and they assure me it's in very good condition, and will be taken apart to be shipped. (They ship via Greyhound bus. I'm kind of looking forward to possibly heading to the bus station to pick up a table. If someone asks if I'm waiting for something, I'll just say oh yeah, my table.) :) haha Anyways, it's listed at $179.99, but has a best offer. So I'm trying to decide if I want to take a chance on it, and hope it's in great shape and gets here without any damage!! Anyone else ever have anything shipped via Greyhound? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Today I was randomly seaching our craigslist, and came across this cute little table at a local flea market/antique shop called Jennifer's.

I thought for sure since the listing was from over a month ago it would be gone. Mom called about it and they weren't sure where the table was. (They have 3 separate buildings there, so they would have been hunting all day.) haha So I took off from work a little early and headed over there. Lucky for me this place is much closer to work than my house! And I found it! :) What's funny about it is, that it's in my friend's mom's booth! LOL :) It was listed at $50 on craigslist, but she has a 20% off sale in her booth right now, so it's only $40. Here's the kicker though... It's about 3 inches too short. So I'd probably have to take the top off and put it on another table base, or make a new base altogether.

They are holding it for me until tomorrow so I don't have to worry about anyone scooping it up while I decide. :)

So that's where I'm at so far. Wouldn't it be nice to take the cute blue knob from the first table and the red chair, pair it with the base and top of the 2nd table, and then get it all for the $40 price tag of the 3rd table. If only it were that simple. ;)

As soon as I make a decision I'll post about it!! I even made a space for the table in our office/craft room too! So I am READY!! :)

I did make a new friend today though. Isn't she cute? Too skinny, but very sweet. Adam says we can fatten her up. haha

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Special Surprise :)

I posted this on our business blog for "Made on Mondays", but I wanted to share it here too for those of not following our other blog yet!! :)

While I was on etsy the other day, a new listing from one of my favorite shops caught my attention. It's a vintage baby quilt and it is ADORABLE! The reason I noticed it is because it looked really similar to mine that I had when I was little. My old blanket went everywhere with me when I was little. I was kind of like pigpen since I looked like a raggin' muffin. haha I had wild curly hair (that I didn't like to be brushed) and I didn't like to wear clothes either. I was slighty difficult to say the least. :) Anyways back to the blanket. It started out as a receiving blanket from Mary Hart (one of Grandma and Grandpa's close friends, who was like a Grandma to my Mom). They came down to Florida from Ohio when I was born, and she gave it to me then. I loved on it so much it started getting holes in it. So before it started getting too threadbare, my Grandma pieced a new one together for me to drag around using solid pink flannel and some pink rabbit printed flannel fabric along with my the receiving blanket.

When I was about 4, I accidentally left it at Zayre's on 9 Mile Road, and unfortunately we didn't know I had left it there for a few days. So by the time we called to see if they had found it, it had already been thrown away. :( I know, sad right? I wish I had a picture of the original blanket to put on here. But, Mom and I looked through a bunch of old pictures the other night (while laughing hysterically at some of them; let's just say I was a very chunky child and looked like a boy for awhile haha), and we didn't find any pictures of that blanket. If we find one I'll be sure to add it! :)

Well ever since then I've always wanted to "replace" that blanket, and we've found some cute ones, but there never was one quite like "my" blanket. Fast forward to a few years ago, and my sweet Grandma (who was the best pack rat ever) gave my mom a little box with some scraps in it to take home one day. This was after she had had her stroke and was I think trying to go through certain things at her house to make sure they didn't get misplaced, thrown away or given to the wrong person. Anyways, these little scraps were the remnants from when she had made my first blanket. She had started piecing them back together for me so I could eventually have my blanket back!

Here they are! :)

Anyways, so Mom sent these to me last Monday so I could compare it to the blanket on etsy. It wasn't an exact match by any means, but it was cute and the color palette was close enough for me.

Well last Wednesday, Mom emailed me when I was headed to the tanning bed and Zumba and asked if I could stop by her house. She said she had made me something and was SUPER EXCITED to give it to me. I was thinking to myself, either she did something with those blanket scraps or she made something for Mildred. (haha, Mildred is our dress form that we use for our photos!) ;)

When I got there I was so excited to get this:

Here are some close-ups of the patches made with the leftover scraps from my first blanket.

And then here is the back of it! I LOVE how the stitching shows through on the back! :)

Mom worked on it all day last Wednesday and basically recreated my old blanket from those scraps Grandma had saved and some other baby fabric that she had saved to one day recreate it. How CUTE is it? I LOVE it so much more than any I could have ever bought because not only did my Mom put it together for me, but it also has my Mom's stitching on it, and all the pieces that my Grandma sewed as well. :) It's very special to me, and hopefully my future children won't be like me and leave it in a department store. ;)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recent Etsy Finds!

I've scored some great finds on etsy recently, and these stores I've come across are just plain AMAZING! :) Enjoy!!

First up is Simply Worn Vintage, where I found 2 cute owls!! They have tons of cute eclectic pieces and clothing!

This little green guy is actually a napkin holder, but I have plans to use him as a letter/bill holder in my new office once we get it reorganized!

And this cool guy is a vintage pendant! Can't wait to put him on a necklace and show him off! :)

They are on their way right now, and I can't wait to get them!!

Next is NYGStyle, who's shop features "an eclectic mix of vintage treasures"! I scored this beautiful milk glass cake plate and matching compote! She even gave me 10% off my purchase because I asked if her winter discount of 20% applied to the whole store instead of just winter outerwear. It didn't, but just because I messaged her she gave me 10% off. :) Nice right?

At Myra Melinda, I found this baby yellow owl! :) He found a place on my mantel just recently!! :) Her shop is full of one of a kind goodies!!

At Legacy & Linens I found this lot of handkerchiefs

and these fabulous buttons!

This lady is such a sweetheart! Neither of us noticed there were only 6 handkerchiefs pictured in the listing; even though it stated it was for 7 total. So she sent me an extra one without me even asking! :) What a fantastic seller!!!

Last but certainly not least is Midwest Vintage Co. I scored some fabulous vintage sheet fabric and pillowcases! :) I've got something super fun planned for all my new fabric! I can't wait to find some time to get started!!

What have you found on etsy or anywhere else lately? I'd LOVE to hear all about your fabulous finds!! :)

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Monday, June 13, 2011

What's for dinner this week? 6/13/11

It's that time again! :) Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week has gotten off to a great start!! This week will be a little bit different for us because Adam's brother Justin and his girlfriend Carla are coming down to visit from Wednesday thru Sunday so I forsee a lot of restaurant dining in our future. :) haha I'm super excited about their visit and can't wait for them to get here!

We had a busy weekend. Well Adam had to work for most of it, :( but I was able to do some things!! I got up early on Saturday to give the Tahoe a bath. It took 2 hours! Geez that think is HUGE! Then when I was done, I decided it was a good idea to run over the bucket of soap and water with it, and proceeded to get the bucket stuck underneath the front of the Tahoe. I'm sure the neighbors got a lovely show. :) haha Here is a picture of the Tahoe the day we brought it home! I'll have to get some pictures taken of the inside (with and without the 3rd row seating) and post them on here!

Mom and I hit up an estate sale that afternoon and found 2 things. I got this silly horse/giraffe guy for $2.50 (Adam argues it is a giraffe because of it's long neck, while I think it looks more like a horse). :) haha And we found a random, brand new spool of red Coats and Clark thread in one of the rooms that was only 50 cents. SCORE! :)

Mom and I got to eat lunch at one of our favorite places in town! Cactus Flower!! YUM!! If you're local, you probably know all about it, but if you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out! They feature "California Style Mexican Cuisine," and they have gluten free options for my mom! My mom and I usually get the tostadas and they are soooo good! Here is picture of it from their website! (It's served with black beans and rice which are both really good too!)

Afterwards Mom and I went to Target for some retail therapy! :) hehe Plus, the whole reason we went out was so Mom could ride in my new Tahoe!! :)

Ok so enough about the weekend, and on to the meal plan for this week!

Monday: Crispy Oven Fried Fish (I adapted a recipe from Kraft Foods that I'll be using for this one! It's super quick and easy!) with sweet potato fries and salads


1/2 cup bread crumbs
2 Tbsp. KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/8 tsp. ground red pepper (cayenne)
1 egg
2 tsp. GREY POUPON Dijon Mustard
2 tilapia fillets (1/2 lb.)


HEAT oven to 425ºF.
MIX first 4 ingredients in pie plate. Beat egg and mustard with fork in separate pie plate until well blended.
DIP fish in egg mixture then the crumb mixture, turning to evenly coat both sides of each fillet. Place on foil-covered baking sheet.
BAKE 15 min. or until fish flakes easily with fork.

Tuesday: Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos (Recipe from Our Best Bites) with tortilla chips and homemade salsa.

This photo is from their site, and I'll add mine for comparison tomorrow night when I finish making them! This will work out well since Adam is closing and will be home late. I can just leave these in the oven for him to eat when he gets home!

Wednesday: Shrimp and Brown Rice with Veggies (Since we'll be eating out a lot in the next few days, I thoguth I'd do something simple and a recipe that Adam can heat up when he gets home late again from work!)

Thursday: Eating out with the family

Friday: Eating out with the family

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Lazy Vacation

Adam and I took a week of vacation during Memorial Day week! :) We were supposed to head to Atlanta to visit his brother and meet his new girlfriend Carla, but that didn't work out so we decided to just stay local and relax!! :) (I'm excited though because I think Justin and Carla are coming down this week for a short visit and I can't wait to meet her! She's a cute little redhead. I keep telling Adam I can't wait for them to get married and have red-headed children so I can be an aunt!! I'm an only child, and other than my close friends, Justin is my only chance to have nieces and nephews!) hehe :)

So onto our vacation! It was a much needed break, and I don't think I took a single picture, except of my arm when I got stung by a red wasp. YUCK! Oh well, we still had fun! :) haha

On Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we knew we didn't want to go out and do much since it's so crowded here in Pensacola, especially at the beach. So we slept in late and hung around the house both days. But I did manage to coerce Adam into a little antiquing!!

Saturday we hit up a few places on Navy Blvd. but didn't find anything to my dismay! :( We stopped by the motorcycle shop afterwards, so Adam could drool over them. Nothing pink, so I wasn't interested. I'm not sure why they don't make just one pink motorcycle. I don't see why the boys get whatever color they want, but girls have to get pink paint jobs aftermarket. ;)

Later that evening, we also hit up our local Waterfront Rescue Mission thrift store. I scored an awesome Pyrex bowl for just $3!! YEAH!! I love the Green Daisy pattern. It's the largest bowl in the set, and I haven't decided whether I want to keep it and use it or sell it. We'll see. :) Mom and I found a full set of the Green Daisy bowls, in the original box, at another local antique/thrift store earlier this year for $40, which was a great price considering their condition, that the set was complete and had the original box which is in great condition. Mom bought them for me, and I told her to keep them for a wedding present. ;) hehe I was sad that they were a little low on furniture, but their stock changes daily so I just need to keep going back!

After antiquing we went to Barnes and Noble to check out a few books we wanted to order on Amazon. I got Bethenny Frankel's new book, A Place of Yes, a few days later from Amazon. I've read about 3/4 of it, and I LOVE it! Her personality is so much like mine. I'm pretty straight-forward, and I tell it like it is. For example, when my boss at work asked me if I was happy to be back from vacation, I said "Um, no. Why would I want to come back here instead of being on vacation?" To which he replied, "Well, be honest why don't ya?" haha :) I told him you pay me to be honest, so why would I lie. LOL (I just wish I had been a little more like I am now when I was younger. Oh well, live and learn right?)

Sunday we slept late again, but made it out around noon. :) We hit up a few of my favorite spots on T Street, Oodles of Everything and Mixson's Antiques. I've been hunting for a milk glass cake plate for awhile now and actually found one just like I want, but it was $33 and I knew I could find it cheaper. (I actually found one on etsy, and bought it! It also came with a matching smaller dish too, and I got both of them shipped for only $29 total!)

I can't wait to get it!!! It should arrive sometime this week!

I did find a set of small juice glasses that day, and they match the one's my Grandma and Grandpa had. The design is Whitehall from Indiana Glass Company in avocado green. My Grandpa used the medium size glasses all the time, and I only got one of them when my Grandma's house got cleaned out. So I got to thinking, I should get a few more, that way I can store the special one from her house so it doesn't get broken and use the others!! Earlier in the year found 2 baby glasses that matched the medium ones, and then last weekend found 4 more. I paid $8 for the set of 4, and the set of 2 I paid $3.50 for. Not too bad, under $2 each!

On Monday we did basically nothing except watch Lost on Netflix. Adam and I have gotten hooked on that show. LOL :) Adam went to the gym, and brought home pizza from CiCi's. HA! Pizza and the gym. I guess he was just replacing those lost calories. :)

Tuesday we piddled around all day and didn't do anything. But then decided around 3pm to go over to Fairhope, AL which is about 40 minutes away. They have an ADORABLE downtown area and a pier that we wanted to check out. Unfortunately for us, most of the downtown shops closed at 5pm, but we were able to scout out a few that we're going to go back to when we have more time to shop! :) We did get to go to the pier, which was nice, but kind of smelly. HA Everyone was fishing of course and throwing their shrimp shells everywhere so that was kind of gross. And Alabama beaches on the bay are nothing like our sugar white sand at Pensacola beach! :) No place like home right? Here is a picture of the pier. I got it from the City of Fairhope website brochure.

After our pier adventure, we stopped back in Daphne on the way home to go to the new Dick's Sporting Goods store and TJMaxx of course. :) I scored a new Under Armour shirt for Zumba, and some new shoes! Adam got socks. He's so exciting right? :) haha We ate dinner at Longhorn steakhouse after that, which was pretty good. I think we'll definitely be eating there more often. I wish we had one a little closer though!

On Wednesday we made it out of the house by 12 so we could catch a 12:35 movie! HA :) We saw Thor! I didn't think I would like it, but it ended up being pretty good! After that we decided to go bicycle shopping. We've been wanting bikes for a good long while now and now that we have a Tahoe we can actually tote them with us! (A bicycle rack was absolutely not going on the back of the Mach 1!) :) After that we made a random trip to Target and Kohl's, and ate at Chick-fil-a. I know boring right? :) haha But it was nice to actually shop during the day when it's light outside on a weekday!!

Thursday, we hung around the house and cleaned a bit, but mostly watched Lost again. ;) I'm telling you that dang show is addictive, especially when it's on Netflix instant play and you just have to see the next episode so you can find out what happens! I don't know how people watched that show to begin with, having to wait weeks between episodes and months between seasons!

Friday we had to get up early, and by that I mean 9am. I had a dentist appt. and after that we ate lunch at Chili's and stopped by another motorcycle shop (Adam's pick) and an estate sale (my pick). :) Unfortunately I didn't find anything there. Later that night, we went to the beach to eat dinner at Hemmingways. It was a nice relaxing evening, and we made it out to the car before the rain came! Yay! :)

Saturday we cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. I'm sad to say I still had some Christmas decorations out. haha The mantel is now de-Christmasafied. And it's nice and clean with my new owls on there.

The brown and green ones are from Hobby Lobby. I paid $8 for each of them I think. YAY! The green one is actually a planter but you can't tell when it's on the mantel. The baby yellow one came from etsy for $5. I bought all of these are random times in the past 6 months or so and I thought they went together so CUTE!

Here's a shot of the clean living room just because it's so shiny and nice!

That night we grilled bbq chicken and had dinner at home and of course watched some more Lost!! ;)

Sunday we got up EARLY, like 8am because we decided to meet Adam's parents for breakfast at Cracker Barrel at 10am. Yeah, we were late. :) After a yummy breakfast, we drove over to Mobile, AL to a huge monthly estate sale. You can check out their website here. These pictures are from their website, and are of the sale before it started.

Sunday, all the small items are 60% off so I wanted to check it out. I scored a few cool things! :)

We also went to the mall after I found out they still have an Auntie Anne's pretzel place. Nothing beats their pretzels! YUM!! And they still have a Lotus Boutique, which I LOVE to shop at! :) After that we headed home, to get ready for the start of work again.

Overall, we had a nice relaxing vacation. It was nice to not feel like I needed another vacation after that vacation. Our last 2 have been so jam packed, that I was exhausted when we got back home! :)

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Monday, June 6, 2011

What's for dinner this week?

It's Monday AGAIN! :) Adam and I took some time off work last week and it was so nice to basically do nothing! ha! :) We did go a few places though and I have some great new thrifty finds to share! I'll post about those tomorrow for sure! :)

So here's what's for dinner this week!

Monday: Baked Salmon and Salad
(We use Brianna's Blush Wine Vinaigrette dressing with this salad and it is so YUM!)
Tuesday: Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs
(I use the same recipe for these meatballs that I do for my meatloaf!)

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Wraps

Thursday: Pan-fried tilapia, brown rice and corn on the cob
(I use a slightly modified version of Bill Phillip's Body for Life meatloaf recipe! If you don't own the Body for Life Cook Book, you are missing out! It's the absolute tastiest, easiest healty cookbooks I own!)

Friday: Turkey Meatloaf, green beans and sweet potato fries

You can probably see a theme with a lot of our recipes. I like to use extra lean ground turkey breast in place of ground beef. I'm not a big beef eater, and I don't like finding "things" in my meat. It makes me gag! :/ ICK! So I've found that I can avoid that by using the extra lean ground turkey breast! Plus, it has loads of protein and hardly any fat. And we've started buying it at Target instead of anywhere else. It's only $5.49 there, and at Publix it's up to $7 maybe a little over. I've started buying 3 packs at a time too, because we use it so much and always seem to run out! :)

If anyone wants recipes for anything listed above just let me know! I'm happy to post them!

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