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Silly cats...

We have 5 cats. Just thought I'd put that out there. They are a mess. :) I could vacuum all day, everyday and there would still be cat hair and cat litter and other lovely things that cats leave behind all over my house. Bella, our baby black cat, sheds like a BEAST! I swear she is my personal hair factory. I'm surprised she has any left because of how much she leaves all of the furniture. I don't go a single day without having a "hamster" (this is what my mom and I call the tufts of hair floating around the house) :) floating by me on the floor. And what do my cats do?? Play with it?? Watch it and just wait to pounce on it and make it fly again? Um no, they run by and gobble them up before I can catch then. Oh, they eventually give them back. ;) Oh so nice of them. haha

Only 4 of the cats are inside, the other is outside. No I don't like him being there, but he's the neighborhood cat and doesn't liked to be inside, so we feed him, take him to the vet, watch out for him, etc. I'd love for him to stay inside, but I don't think that will ever happen. Maybe when he gets old?? Who knows?

Here's a little about each of them:

Mr. Big & Sasha

Mr. Big is a huge striped tabby, weighing in just under 20lbs. He's usually snuggly and lovey, but kind of a grouchy grandpa to the other cats. He's fiesty and likes to fight sometimes too. It's really funny to see him run fast, because his belly swings all over the place. :) Sasha is a little more grey with some orange, but she's a tabby too. She weighs about 12 lbs. She is super timid, but she likes to snuggle me. :) She is terrified of ceiling fans when they are turned off. And she prefers to be sleeping somewhere where no one can see her, but she can see them. She gets lost in the house every once in a while as well. Last weekend we couldn't find her, and she was inside our dresser in the bedroom. Now I know why the drawer wouldn't shut all the way when I tried to close it. haha And yes, I have squished her before when she's gotten in their previously.

Sasha and Mr. Big are brother and sister. My Mom and Grandma saw a sign for free kittens in 2005 shortly after Hurricane Katrina. It was at a little grooming shop on their way home, so they decided to go in. Apparently, someone had come over from New Orleans with a very pregnany momma cat that they had rescued from the aftermath of that terrible hurricane. She died giving birth to the kittens, but luckily they made it thanks to the shop.

Later that afternoon, after Mom and Grandma told us all about the sweet kittens they had seen, Adam and I made a trip over to the shop. Well, we both had our favorites, but had to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart before we picked one out to take home. I don't think that nice man that owned the place thought we were coming back. haha But I just didn't want to get a kitten and take it home and not have the essentials already in place. So we came back and he asked us which one we wanted. And we told him, well we were thinking of getting 2. :) haha His whole face lit up. haha So I picked out HUGE Mr. Big and Adam picked out timid little Sasha. :) (I named Mr. Big after the Sex and the City character. How funny is it that he turned out to be so HUGE? :) And I wanted to name Sasha, Carrie instead, but Adam wouldn't let me have to SATC names, so Sasha it is.)


He's our outside child that found us in 2007 right before Halloween. He showed up on our back porch and hasn't ever really left. I think he weighs about 15 lbs. He is the sweetest cat, and loves to be snuggled. He'll sit on your lap and let you love on him for hours. :) His name got chosen because I think he looks very regal. haha Unfortunately he also likes to bring us presents at the back door. It's really gross. :( Sometimes just pieces too. UGH! He is very laid back though. Our cats like to run out at him and he just sits there and looks at them like "Leave me alone". haha :) He's had to go to the emergency vet more than once. The first time he tore his paw open, thankfully it healed and only had to be cleaned, but it scared us to come home and find blood all over the back porch and him limping. The second time was just last Thanksgiving, you can read about that here. He was very sick, but thankfully with lots of meds, staying in the laundry room for a few weeks, and lots of love he made it through just fine.


Oh Pixee, she's such a wild child. One night driving home I was right near out house and on the phone with my mom when I saw glowing eyes in the bushes on the side of the road. I quickly told mom I'll call you back and pulled over. I started calling here kitty, come on and here comes Pixee bounding over to me. She was so scared. :( I was worried she was going to get out in the road (I was on a side road that intersects 2 VERY BUSY major roads in town), so I coaxed her over to the passenger side of my car and opened the door. That silly cat jumped right in and looked at me as if to say "Well, are we going home now?" haha :) So I hopped in the car and drove home with her. As we were pulling up into the garage, she was standing on the dash of my car checking everything out. haha :) I think I was meant to find her. It took some time getting her adjusted to our house and with Big and Sasha, but they finally started tolerating each other. I was so dang stressed for forever, because it was just one thing after another with the cats. Fighting, litter box issues, etc. UGH! I don't miss that. We still have issues, but it gets better all the time it seems.

We came really close to taking Pixee to the Humane Society here. I mean, we were in the parking lot, deciding whether to take her in or not, close. Pixee is special. haha She has a firey temper, likes to bite a little too much, doesn't like to be brushed much, hates having her nails trimmed, and just overall is persnickety. She's been known to randomly bite or scratch you if you get in her "space". :) So I just couldn't have someone else adopt her that might be mean to her and not tolerate her brattiness. She's been much more snuggly lately so I'm hoping we are on an upward trend with her. We'll see. :)


This was taken the day we found her, she was so little!!!

All nice and fat! :) hehe

She's all black (looks just like Nigel, so I call him her Uncle) ;), sheds like a furry BEAST, and won't let us get near her usually. haha :) She came to us one day and I didn't find her until that night. Here's the story. I came home early from work one afternoon and went in the house as usual. I had left the garage door open since it was nice out, and then ran back out to close it so I didn't forget later on. Well I heard a crash, not too loud, but enough to make me go in the garage and check it out. I like to pile things, so I was thinking a box or something probably fell over so I didn't think too much about it. I left later that evening and met Adam at the gym (yes, once upon a time I went to the gym) ;). As we were driving home after the gym, Adam realized he forgot his gym bag and turned around to go get it. But I just went ahead home. As I opened the garage door, I saw something black shoot across the garage. I was thinking oh no, a raccoon or the neighbors dog just ran in there. haha So I finally clear some stuff away and realize there is a teeny, tiny kitten hiding in our garage. Adam calls me and I tell him, um we have another cat. I don't think he believed me until he got home and saw me laying on the garage floor with a flashlight looking at her. haha :) She never would come to us that night so we put food and water out and checked on her in the morning. After a lovely ordeal of trying to catch her that morning, and her clawing Adam through a pair of leather gloves, we finally got her into a cat carrier and got a good look at her. She was sooo tiny! Just skin and bones. We tried to find her a home that day, but didn't have any luck. Well at this point she still wouldn't let us touch her, so my mom came over and we decided to let Mr. Big into the laundry room (where we were keeping her in her carrier) to see what she would do. As soon as she saw him she meowed and ran to the door of the carrier and she turned into this sweet little, loving kitten. I think she thought he was her mommy. haha :) They have been the best of friends ever since, and even Pixee took on a mommy role with Bella. haha We took her to the vet the next week and she only weighed 1.8 lbs, and as it turned out was 6 months old. So she was basically starving to death. She's our 2nd largest now, so don't worry, she fat and happy. haha :) We did have a scare with her that weekend we found her though. She was kind of lethargic, so my mom had me check her gums, which turned out to be completely WHITE!! She had so many fleas on her that she barely had any blood left. So I got out the alcohol and a flea comb and went to town killing fleas. Alcohol works great because it stuns the fleas so you can catch them and squish them, plus it dries quickly so Bella didn't get cold. After I had her cleaned up, I made sure she was warm, and thankfully within a few hours her little gums were turning pink again. Poor Bella. Even though she had a tragic beginning, I'm hoping she's happy with us. :) At least I know she'll always have enough to eat and drink now. And no more fleas!!!

Anyways, here are some random shots of our "children" (that I have on my phone) and what my mom calls her "grandcats" since I have not given her any real grandchildren yet. ;)

Sasha and Bella

Mr. Big and Sasha

Mr. Big (aka, the ham) ;) I have lots of pics of him because he likes to pose for me! :)

Mr. Big (What big eyes you have.) :)

Mr. Big (the name is very fitting right?)

Sasha, Pixee, Big and Bella (This is rare occurrence at our house. Shortly after this shot, Big rolled over and some paper crinkled and they all jumped up ready to swat at each other. ;) It was cute while it lasted though.)

Mr. Big once again (he's so silly)

Sasha (My little Queen of the house) :)

Pixee (She likes to see how small of a box she can fit in. I think this one wins.) ;) Don't judge the messy island. haha :) It's first on my 40 Bags in 40 Days to do list! It will be taken care of TONIGHT! hehe

Mr. Big (Once again, he's so snuggly) :)

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