Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Bags in 40 Days...

While I was reading at House of Grace today, she posted about her sister-in-law's latest post and I had to share! Check out white house, black shutters when you get a chance. Her 40 bags, 40 days challenge starts today, and I can't wait to get started! :) My house is full of stuff, stuff, stuff that I don't need or want. It's time to purge, and it's just in time since my mom and I are participating in a garage sale with her neighborhood in April. You can check out all the info by clicking the button below. I'm going to try to update on my progress with this often, and hopefully that will keep me motivated! ;)

We have a 3 bedroom house, and 2 of them which are supposed to be our office/craft room and then the workout room are filled with STUFF!! It's like living in a one bedroom apartment all over again because these 2 extra spaces have so much crap in them. If I wasn't so horrified by them I'd post pictures. Maybe I will be courageous and post them. :) haha

She also created a great printable to help you get started organzing your plan of attack! :) You can print yours out here. And I agree with her. Print out 2. One as a rough draft and one that you can keep "pretty". :)

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Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

Thanks so much, Beth! Looking forward to see you joining in on the challenge. I totally get your point. Two big selling points for this house for us were the basement and the attic. But now, they're just cluttered with STUFF!

Hope day one is going good for you, I'll be posting an update tonight and the link up Thursday night. Have a great night! :)

ratty daddy dinkdum said...

I am so excited that you have decided to do this. Let me know how I can help. Hopefully, you will have LOTS for our yard sale. Love you :)


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