Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Birthday to my Grandma!! She would have been 84 years old today! She was such a special person, and I miss her every single day. She taught me soooo many things, and I'm so thankful for having her in my life for over 26 years. My love for cooking (and now sewing) came directly from her. I have always loved to cook, but sewing, eh well, not so much. ;) Grandma always said to me, "Bethy, I wish you would learn to sew." :) Even after she had her stroke, she would still basically tell me she wished I could sew so I could make her some clothes she'd actually like. haha :) (I think I got my pickiness about clothing in general from her and my Mom as well hehe) But I think Grandma would be proud now since Mom got me a brand new sewing machine for my birthday, and I'm starting to learn. :) (More about my own birthday later!) :)

Even though Grandma and Grandpa both are gone, my memories of them are still very present, and not a day goes by that I don't think of them. Whether it's cooking one of Grandma's recipes or exercising like Grandpa always used to, they are always with me no matter what. :) I am so blessed to have had them as grandparents.

Me & Grandma Christmas of 1999 I think (I'm dating myself a little here, but I think this was my Junior year in high school going by the necklace I'm wearing and which boyfriend it belonged to, LOL) :)

Please excuse the photo quality. My laptop is not connected to my poky scanner, so I just took a picture of the picture in a frame with my iphone. :)

Me, Grandma and Mom Christmas of 2008

LOVE you LOTS Grandma! Happy Birthday! :)

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ratty daddy dinkdum said...

I am SO glad you had Grandma and Grandpa in your life. They loved you so much, and they helped to make you the person you are today. I honestly don't know what we would have done without them. They helped us out so much. :) I miss and love them too, and I think of them every day.


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