Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We've been busy!!

It's been over a month since my last post!  Yikes!  Time flies!! :)  We've been busy though!!

I washed both of my cars!  I thought keeping the mustang clean was difficult, um no.  I have to use the big ladder to wash the tahoe, and even with that I have to lay across the top of it to get to the center.  And the windshield, oh geez.  It's still smeary.  haha  Even with the ladder, I have to stand on the tire, and REEEEACH across to try to scrape all the bug guts off of it.  But it's totally worth it, because I can put BIG things in it.  (Like my hoard of furniture that is growing in the garage and in our house.) ;)  BUT, we can still  park both mustangs in our garage, so until we're unable to park in there, I think my hoard is quite small. 

Back to the Tahoe.  I also LOVE it because when it's raining out, and I'm just leaving Publix (or wherever) I can run like crazy through the parking lot to my lovely Tahoe that's waiting for me with the hatch already open.  Built in "canopy", LOVE IT!  That power liftgate is SO WORTH IT! :)  So I'll continue to wash her and keep her pretty since I love her so much. lol

Next up, I did a little thrifting with Mom and Adam the past few weekends!  We've been to several estate sales and a few thrifty places around town.  We've found so much stuff, I'm going to do another whole post about that! ;)

A Note about estate sales:  Some estate sales just STINK. haha  Either the prices are WAY TOO HIGH or they just don't have anything fun at all. :(  So SAD!  But when we do actually find treasures, it makes them that much more special!!  You just have to keep looking!

What else, what else?? Oh YEAH!!  Mom and I have been working on some new team scarves and bracelets for our etsy shop!

Here are a few photos of those!!  They are all available right now, except the Ohio State and Alabama scarves have already SOLD!  WOO!! :)  Right now I'm working on some snazzy new felt flower pins and incorporating yarn and fabric into them! :)  PLUS, we got a request from Megan (she bought the Ohio State scarf), for a Notre Dame scarf.  OH I AM SO EXCITED!!  Another Irish fan! :)  YAY!!  We have been collecting fabric and yarn to make me a Notre Dame scarf for awhile now, and now we get to make 2!!! :)  Can't wait!!

Skinny Scrappy Scarf Alabama Crimson Tide - $30

Mom has been working hard on creating these fabulous bracelets too!! :) Aren't they CUTE?? :) I LOVE them and I can't wait to get a Notre Dame one made for me. hehe (Yes, I try to keep everything we make, but I've only been successful in keeping 1 pin and 2 or 3 scarves.) :)

Scrappy Team Bracelet LSU Tigers - $20

Scrappy Team Bracelet Ohio State Buckeyes - $20

Ok, back to what we've been doing at home the past few weeks.
Poor Bella decided to give us a scare.  We woke up the day of the Olde Mobile Estate Sale, August 6 to find lots of piles of cat drool everywhere.  Poor Bella was sitting on top of their cat condo, and she looked like Santa, because had a beard of white spit/foam on her chin.  Poor thing had a hairball, and I guess it stressed her out so much she was kind of catatonic. :) No pun intended. haha  So I stayed home, and Mom came over to our house to keep an eye on her.  By that afternoon, she was feeling a little better and actually drank some water.  I knew she wasn't feeling well because she wouldn't even eat treats.  And she is usually gobbling up the other cat's treats because she eats her own pile so fast.  Poor Bella.  She's feeling much better now.  Here is our sweet girl. :) We love her. :)

Since Bella was sick, Mom and I weren't able to go over to Mobile for the sale, but Adam and I went to Bass Pro Shop which is just outside of Mobile that Sunday, and decided to run over to the last day of the sale.  I'm so glad we did, becaues we scored lots of goodies!! :)  I'll include our treasures in the post I'm doing next about all my recent thrifty finds!!

The day Bella was sick, Adam and his Dad had planned to go paddleboarding.  By the time they got there though, they were out of boards.  So they went kayaking instead.  I wish I had been a mouse in one of those kayaks so I could have seen them.  Needless to say, they didn't fit into them very well, and forgot sunscreen.  So Adam ended up a lobster. (I think he has peeled 3 times now.)  And they spent a lot of time floating. :) haha  (Correction: I would not have wanted to be in Adam's Dad's kayak, because he fell out. Enough said.) :) hehe

A couple weeks back, I got to meet some of my best girlfriends for breakast and a little antiquing one day!! :)  It was nice to see them and catch up!!  And a little cracker barrel and antiquing was fun too! ;)  I've known Laura and Leigh since elementary school (22 years people!), and Michelle since 6th grade (18 years!) and I'm so thankful we've stayed in touch all these years!

I, of course, don't have any pictures from that day.  I always have plans to get a picture of all of us together, and always forget!!  We met a few weeks back for our own little high school reunion, since we decided not to go to the real one.  And of course, I none of us took any pictures then either!! BOO!  We have to get better about that!!

Let's see....What else have we been up to???  Oh yeah, I planted some things (poor plants, they have been begging to be planted for a year or two now) and Adam and I did a lil yard work.  (Adam did not do this willingly, I had to force him.  But our yard looked like a field, so it was necessary.  No tall grass = no snakes hiding ready to bite me.  I prefer to see them before they attack.) ;)  We should have waited a day, because it's been so nice and much cooler the past 2 days.  We about sweated to death the night we worked on the yard, and we didn't even start until 7PM!!

I've also been cooking lots of fun stuff lately.  I'll post some recipes later today or tomorrow!!  I made Turkey chili that is SOOOO EASY!!  Plus Turkey Meatloaf.  YUM! I posted about that here if you want the recipe! :)  We actually took Adam's Dad a home-cooked meal earlier this week.  Adam's Mom is out of townin Belgium, (actually she just got home last night) so we wanted to make sure his Dad was eating more than peanut butter. :) hehe  I think he liked it, well he ate everything so I guess it wasn't too bad. ;)

I'm excited to find out if his Mom found us some white chocolate Nutella.  We heard it was available in Europe, so we've been wanting to try it.  Take that back, Adam wants to try it, I'm not a chocolate fan! :/

I know we've done TONS of other things, but I can't think of them right now. I'm getting old people. ;)  I'm back in blogging mode so I'm going to try to keep updating this thing more regularly!!  There's just too much going on not to blog about it!! :)

Hope y'all are having a great week so far!!!

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