Friday, September 16, 2011

Already Time for the Weekend AGAIN! :)

I can't believe it's already Friday again, but I am so ready for the weekend AGAIN!! :)

Last week I posted about working on some sewing, crafts with yarn and fabric, working on some DIY projects and reading my library books.  Well, some of that got accomplished last weekend and some didn't. :)  I didn't get to sew, but Mom and I made several new scarves that we listed in our shop!  One of them already SOLD! :) WOO!

Here they are in case you're interested!

Skinny Scrappy Scarf Ohio State
(We'll have another one available this weekend!!)

I also was able to get some flower pins put together!  I'm working on incorporating fabric and yarn into them, and this is my prototype so far.  Still working on the finished product. ;)

Don't mind the houndstooth felt in the background.  I was too lazy to crop these this morning! :)

Instead of working on my DIY projects last weekend, Adam and I worked in the yard since he was off on Sunday!  It looks SO MUCH BETTER!  I didn't take any befores, but just imagine a scary, over-grown field with unwieldy bushes, a thousand sticks, and gross weeds.  We worked for most of the day on Sunday, but still fit in some time to run to the library!  I needed to renew a book, and we got Adam a library card.  WOO!  He checked out 2 books and 1 is on beading and one is about boutique bags.  haha :)  Of course, those books are for me.  I'm already at my limit of 15 books, so he was nice enough to get them for me.  ;)

A few afters:
Before, the grass was high, growing over the curb, the bush behind the mailbox was bigger than our house ;), and front beds were full of weeds and pots scattered everywhere, so basically it looked terrible!!

We still need to blow the leaves and sticks out of this bed so you can actually see the river rock, but it's MUCH better than it was.  The bush in the center of the pic was growing up over the roof and I took out 2 half dead bushes that never have grown right.  Mom and I think the one might grow back out nicely now that I cut it down to the ground. ;)

Yikes!!  This bed was overgrown with grass and a few weeds.  Thankfully we put down a layer of plastic, then a layer of landscape fabric underneath all of the rocks, so the weeds in this bed have been kept to a minimum. WOO!! :)

Oh this front bed is the bain of my existence. HA! :)  Thankfully our pond is gone, and most of the weeds are too.  I can't wait til we get it all cleaned out, get another load of large river rocks to match the other beds, and get it all cleaned up once and for all!

After the library, we came home and crashed. haha  We were so tired from all that yard work!!

This weekend, I'm hoping to have some more time to work on my new sewing chair and my ironing board cover.  I'll be sure to post an update as soon as I get anything done! ;)

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