Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I am so ready for the weekend!! :)  I sit at work everyday and think and plan all the fun things we can do on the weekend.  But then when we do have free time, we are usually tired. LOL :)  Not this weekend.  I plan to be a busy bee!!  We are planning a vacation for sometime in October, so we've got to start working on the details.  At least we don't have to rent a car!!  WOOOOO!  That is always such a hassle to me, because you never know what you'll end up with, and it will either smell like cigarettes, UGH, or a "toilet cake" as Adam lovingly refers to as the deodorizer they use.  haha

Anyways, on to some updates.  Adam's birthday went great yesterday.  I think it was a good day for him, even though he had to work.  I had this plan to bring cupcakes to work for him.  When I picked him up for lunch, he hopped in the car, and said oh I think they are getting me a cake because they just asked me what kind I like.  I was like, wellllll, nevermind. :)  haha  I'm just glad I hadn't ordered cupcakes already.  We definitely do not need 24 cupcakes at our house. 

So that plan didn't work out, but I was able to make Adam's card with my Silhouette.  It turned out pretty good considering all my screw-ups. ;)  I resized the card before I cut it out, but deleted it, and then didn't have a guide to resize all of the other elements for the card, so I kind of had to wing it.  I'll get a picture of it when I get home today and add it to this post.

Since Adam had key lime pie (from Bonefish), brownie bites to celebrate with his parent's, and ocolate cake at work I decided to just get him some ice cream.  He LOVES chocolate chip cookie dough.  So when we got home yesterday, after he opened up his presents from me, we ran to Publix and grabbed some ice cream.  And doughnut holes.  ha  Adam saw them, and since it was his birthday I of course said ok.  LOL :)  They were gone before we got home, and keep in mind we live less than 5 minutes from Publix.

So, all in all, yesterday was a good day. :)

We will be continuing his birthday celebration at the shooting range, when he finally picks out a gun he likes.  ;)  Should be fun!  I'm looking forward to it, because I've never been before!!

Ok, what else, what else?? 

I got a cinnamon broom at Publix finally.  It's currently hiding out in our laundry room until I find a place to hang it up.  Since we have 4 brats cats in the house, I have to find a place that is high enough, but not over any furniture they can climb on to get to it.  I know they would enjoy tearing it apart and leaving me a mess to clean up. ;) 

I have to take the Tahoe into Pete Moore at some point this month.  UGHHHHHHH.  When we had that lovely Tropical Storm blow through over Labor Day weekend, the Tahoe got beat with water and ended up leaking through the hatch.  Sunday afternoon I found a puddle of water in the back of it, wet carpet, wet headliner (complete with water stains), even the sides behind all the little grooves were wet.  GROSS!  Anyways, they repaired the gasket, the supposed cause of the leak.  But now since the headliner is stained and looks like a watercolor painting of mountains, it has to be completely replaced.  Oh joy!!  So hopefully that will go well as soon as the new one arrives and gets installed.

I'm hoping to get all of my Fall cleaning and decorations up this weekend.  It was supposed to happen last weekend, but um, it didn't. ;)  hehe 

Our linen closet in the master bath will be looking like this very soon!!

And I LOVE this cleaning chart!  Adam will HATE it!  ;)

I waste too much time doing this...

Source: None via Beth on Pinterest

And don't get anything accomplished. ;) bahaha When I saw this, I died laughing. :) 

And if you're in need of some more laughs, check out these two cute kitten videos.  I guarantee you'll laugh out loud more than once. :)  A co-worker sent this one to me.

Then my Mom found this one. :)

Have a great day everyone!!

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