Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nifty Thrifty Weekend!

Mom and I were busy busy this past Saturday! We hit up 3 estate sales and our local Waterfront Rescue Mission. We didn't find a ton of things, but we did score a few fun items! :)

At the first estate sale, I scored 2 ceramic owls. They were hidden on the back porch on a wall behind a pile of junk. They were actually attached to some nasty dry rotted macrame, which I quickly cut off with a handy knife I found in the kitchen at that home. haha :) They weren't priced, but they let me have them for $1 each. SOLD! :)

I also got this cute little brass "thing". I'm not really sure what to call it. It's so tiny (about 3 inches tall),  and I don't really know what it would be used for. It looks like it has India on the bottom of it, which is cool. And it was only 25 cents, so I knew I had to have it. :)

We also scored this cute milk glass ashtray for only $2. It would be really cute as a jewelry dish by the sink, or even for pins in a sewing room.

This house was super cute, and fixed up, it would be such a wonderful little home. It just needs a lot of love and clorox!! ;) But honestly, the junkiest/dirtiest houses are the ones I always find the best treasures in!!  I almost bought this piece of furniture for only $45, but ended up changing my mind because I'm not really sure where I would put it.  It would be so cute painted a bright color and then glazed!!

The next sale was in the same neighborhood, and they had basically already sold most everything. So we did a quick scan and moved onto the next place. They had some nice stuff there so that's why most of it sold Friday and then early Saturday morning.

The last sale we hit was in downtown Pensacola in this CUTE little house. The blue retro kitchen looked original to the house, and the vintage double oven in the wall was ADORABLE! I LOVED this house. :) It only had one bathroom though! ha   But it had a great backyard, and was on a corner lot, so for downtown, they had a TON of space. We scored a sewing basket full of various goodies for only $5. Everything was originally marked separately, but I guess they put it all together on the last day, so we snatched that up first thing. The basket had 3 vintage patterns, lace trim, 2 full baggie of buttons, an old measuring tape, lots of crochet hooks, a few thimbles, and lots of other notions.  Plus, the basket itself is cute too!

I also found a little plastic box full of wooden spools that wasn't priced. They let me have it for $1. YAY! :) More to add to my collection!  There were about 22 spools of thread in there!

 And the last thing I found was a cute set of 4 dinner napkins or handkerchiefs for $1. Mom says they are handkerchiefs and I say they are napkins, but I'm not really sure what they are. But they are super soft and so colorful. They were hidden in the bottom of a basket filled with ugly things. haha :) I'm glad I dug them out.

I also loved these 2 pieces of furniture, but by the time we got there the larger chest was already gone, and the smaller chest had a sold sign on it!

Mom laughs about the fact that I dig through houses the way I do.  Some of the houses aren't exactly clean, and she said she's waiting on something to crawl out on me one day.  haha :)  But that's ok, I don't mind creepy crawlies as long as I find a treasure!!

So overall we spent $12.09 and got 2 ceramic owls, 1 brass "thingy", milk glass ash tray, sewing basket full of sewing notions/patterns/buttons, box of wooden spools, and 4 dinner napkins/handkerchiefs.  I think we did pretty good.

Our last stop was to Waterfront Mission (after yummy lunch at Ruby Tuesday).  We didn't find anything there, but honestly they are hit or miss.  You never know what you'll find there.  And you really need to go several times a week, if not everyday, to find something.  We think they were probably low on furniture right now because all the college kids have been scooping up the deals for their apartments and dorms. :) But I'll keep checking back.
Did y'all do anything thrifting this weekend? If so I'd love to see what treasures you found?

This weekend, we're off to Moible for the Olde Mobile Antiques Gallergy August Sale! :) I can't wait to see what treasures we find there!!  I'll post Sunday about our adventures there!

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Laurie said...

You're right -- they are napkins. I love estate sales!

Kathy said...

Hi Beth,
I was visiting from your post @ House of Grace linky party.

Good to finally find a Mobile blog. I am glad to know I'm not alone. I love your treasures. I hope you and you mom found more at the antique sale in Mobile Gallery. I went back this morning again just in case I left some great treasure I had to have. I bought a few items.

I am excited to follow you, drop by my blog for a visit.


tammylovesdishes said...

Y'all found some fabulous stuff! Great buys on the basket filled with sewing goodies and the thread spools. I would have been tempted by those things as well.

Gayle Frye said...

Love the little milk glass piece; too cute! There will be plenty of Mid-Century finds (including lots of furniture) at the next Olde Mobile sale. We lucked into some wonderful estates this time. Hope to see you there!


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