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A little Christmas and Happy New Year!

First I want to say Happy New Year to everyone!! :) I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for me and my family! 2010 was a pretty good year so I hope to continue that into 2011.

Christmas went by SO FAST this year! I had a ton of posts ready and waiting, but just never got around to posting them. Oh well, I can save them for this Christmas! ;) Adam was actually off on Christmas Eve, which is the first time he's been off since we've been together. Today is 6 1/2 years that we've been together, so that's 7 Christmas Eve's that he's had to work. It was really nice having him home! :) We were able to finish up decorating (yes, I know it was a little late, but hey, at least we got to do it together), make a last minute shopping trip to Cracker Barrel and Joann's, eat lunch with his family (pizza YUM!!!), make food for my family's house, eat dinner with my family (oh how I love our Christmas Eve snack foods!!), and then wrap all the presents that night! It was a crazy day, but we had lots of fun!! :) I'm so thankful I got to spend the day with Adam and our families!

Christmas morning we woke up to rain. BOO! But, it did get a little cold, which is much better than hot, shorts weather that normally happens here on Christmas. We opened presents from each other, (I got my boots!!! and most of the rest of my list of top things I wanted for Christmas) ate breakfast, then headed out to our parent's houses for the rest of the day!!

I got a really special present this year! I opened up a little folded up piece of paper in my stocking, and was like what the heck is this?? I finally looked closed enough and saw an image of a Notre Dame helmet. I'm a huge Notre Dame football fan, so I'm like what's this for? Adam says, pick what home game you want to go to this year and we're going! YAY!! I am so excited to finally see Notre Dame Stadium in person, and sit with all those awesome fans and cheer for the Irish!!! :) Touchdown Jesus here we come!!! LOL Can't wait to get my outfit for the 2011 season, plus we just won our bowl game stomping on Miami! Great way to start the year for me!! haha And Mom and I have to get busy on a Notre Dame scarf for me to wear too!

Adam got a bunch of PS3 games from me, I don't think he knew I got him the whole list he asked for. ;) I'm sneaky like that. haha :) And I got him a new watch that he picked out. Here it is, I LOVE it and I hope he does too. :) And he got some shoes and a few other things from. Our main present to each other this year is going to be a vacation to either the mountains or maybe Orlando again. :) We haven't decided yet!
We finally made it to Adam's parent's that morning, after my failed attempt at making sugar cookies on Christmas morning. Seriously, what was I thinking trying to fit that in before 11am? haha More on that fiasco later. ;) I was so excited to get to Adam's parent's to give them their presents!! I think I enjoy finding and giving presents more than getting them! And then I got my fabulous present!! A Silhouette SD machine!! YAY!!!! I'm so excited about that one! I broke it in the day after Christmas to make Adam's mom a card for her birthday, then I made another card for my Mom for her birthday on Dec. 28. So far I LOVE it!! :)

Adam got a PS3 and has loved playing it until wee hours in the morning (I'm talking 3am people) for the last week. :) And I'll go ahead and admit it, I like to play Call of Duty and we played it A LOT the last few days. I still suck at it, but I'm getting better. :)
We got lots of other great presents, and I could go on and on about how much we love them, but that would make this post too long! :) Thank you Rita, Mike and Justin! We love everything we got and hope you do too!! :)
After eating lunch with Adam's family, we headed over to my mom's to do presents there. I couldn't wait to get over there and give my mom a specific present. This year we did Christmas a little different at mom's. She decided that instead of buying us presents she would just fill up our stockings, (which ended up being stuffed full and some bags, and maybe a couple presents! haha), and just give us money to get what we needed/wanted. Thank you Mom & Terry, we really appreciate y'all!! :) Adam got money to spend on whatever he wanted, and I got money to go antiquing!!! YAY!! Plus we got some to get something for our house (I see a new vacuum or shed in our future, or maybe a gas fireplace if I can convince Adam, wish me luck!). ;)

Ok, back to mom's present. I got her a few normal presents (Wizard of Oz DVD, a book, etc.), but I got her one present back in September and I have been itching to give it to her since then!!! It actually came in the mail while we were on vacation down in Orlando, so it was kind of funny that she had already gotten the present, but not really. :) hehe Since we had to put our sweet Harry Potter to sleep in August last year, I thought I'd get her something to remind her of him. I contacted a wonderful etsy seller (check out her shop here) and she custom made a miniature felted wool cat that looked just like Harry. Mom loved it so much she cried. I was worried she wouldn't like it, but Adam told me before that she was love and cry, and she did. Guess I need to listen to him more huh? :) Here is the cat, isn't it funy. :) And the pictures below are the ones I sent her so she'd know what he looked like. I think she did an amazing job, especially getting the spot on his nose!

Anyways, Christmas Day was a lazy day for the most part. I think Adam slept most of the day away at Mom's house. haha :) He was really tired though and had to work the whole next day, so he needed to rest. Plus it was cold out, and toasty warm by the fire, so why not sleep. :) Mom and I worked on the Christmas ornaments that I had been planning to make for everyone for weeks, but never got around to it, then realized I needed her help sewing part of them. It was hilarious making them. We kept screwing them up and had to keep tearing thread out. LOL :) I'll post the finished product as soon as we are done. No, we haven't finished them yet, but that's my fault, because I keep forgetting to bring my craft glue to mom's house to finish them. I told Adam's family and his brother that it would just be an early Christmas present for this year. :) haha

The day after Christmas was Adam's Mom's birthday! Mom and I went out a did some shopping (we both need nothing at all), but we found a few things of course. I found a cute Rooster plate wall thing for Adam's Mom at Pier 1 online, and was so excited that they actually had it in the store. So she got that for her birthday along with a scarf and some flower pins I made for her. :) And a cute cast iron rooster hook from Hobby Lobby. She loves roosters so I try to grab things I like throughout the year for her. :) We went to Bonefish for dinner!! YUM!!! I love that place!! :)
Mom's birthday was laid back too. I was lazy and didn't get over to her house until about 1pm. But I did pick up gluten free cupcakes for her from a local bakery. They were pretty good, but not really worth $2.75 each. Mine are better. :) We went to Joann of course, and did a little shopping, then I headed home to gather up her presents, and meet Adam so we could go back over to sing to her. :) haha I'm sure she loved it. I got her a canvas of Harry Potter from Canvas and it was adorable. They did a really great job on it. :) You can check out there site here. They run great specials all the time, and I got mom's 8x10 for only $14.95 which was the shipping cost. :)

Other than all of that, Christmas was pretty laid back this year. I feel like it went by way too fast though. It seems like every year just keeps going by faster and faster. I'd like to slow it down a little if I could. :)
New Year's Eve, Adam was off again! Yeah, he's never been off on New Year's Eve either, so that was a treat too! :) We got up and made it to Panera in time for breakfast!! YUM!! Then ran to Target to get a few things, and then I finally saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was down to one showing at 11:35am so I knew if we didn't go Friday, I probably wouldn't get to see it on the big screen. It was PACKED OUT! You'd have thought it was opening day or something! LOL I think a lot of people had my idea to go. It was a gloomy day which was perfect for the movies though. And it was a great, just like the last 6! I can't wait for the last movie, but I'm sad that's it's coming to an end.
After that, we took Sasha to the vet, and got her some antihistamine pills since she's been sneezing lately. They seem to be helping, so I hope she feels better soon! After that, we came home and were L-A-Z-Y! LOL We ran out and got some wings, then headed back home and played PS3. I think I fell asleep at 9:30pm, and yes I missed New Year's. Oh well. :) haha So we basically had a lazy night at home for New Year's Eve, it was raining anyways, so I didn't want to be out in that.
Nothing exiting, but at least I got a new post up!! Looking forward to posting up some projects I
I've been working on so stay tuned!! Hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year's!! :)

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