Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look what I did all by myself, hehe

Our front window blinds were already a little broken from our crazy cats, but yesterday (after Bella tried to hang herself, yes you read that right, our cat tried to hang herself) it completely snapped off. We were sitting in the living room, playing Call of Duty (love this game haha), and I suddenly see Bella swing through the air with the cord to the blinds wrapped around her neck. Not sure how she pulled that one off, but let's just say that the cat condo is not by the window anymore. Thankfully only the blinds were injured in the chaos, but it gave us quite a scare. So here is the before of the blinds.....

Then 15 minutes later, the after....

(Yep, my window sills are DIRTY, but when you have 4 cats in the house, they get dirty quick! Basic H2 where are you!!! Don't judge... haha) :)

YAY! I replaced the broken slat all by myself! :) hehe It wasn't even that hard, and thankfully the previous homeowners left us a whole stack of extra slats!! By the way, you don't have to pop the center little button out on the bottom, since there is no cord in the middle, only on the sides! :) I'll remember that next time!

Just had to share my little DIY triumph tonight!!

(I did read up a little on what I was doing... you check that out here. I love you

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