Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dining Area Light - To Redo or Replace?

So now that I have some time to think since I'm not working with mark. as much anymore I've been noticing more things in our house that I'd like to change/improve upon. First up, our light fixture, chandelier, whatever you want to call it in our dinning area/kitchen that I was looking at last night. It's ugly, it's off-center from the table, and it's really dusty (haha, yeah this one is my fault, I can change that easily) ;).

We've talked about replacing it, redoing it, etc. since we move in our house over 5 years ago, but we haven't ever done anything. So I'm thinking now, should I try to make it better or just be done with it a buy something new. I'm also debating on whether or not to put a fan there for some extra air flow into the kitchen. Our stove doesn't vent out of the house, it vents through the microwave, which is stupid. Why they still build houses and don't just run the dang vent up through the attic and out of the house is still one of my pet peeves! So basically all that hot air just come right back into the kitchen. UGH! It makes me happy when I'm cooking in the winter (if you can call what we have here winter), and it's awful in the summer!

Anyways, here is a picture of the current ugliness that is our dining room light fixture;

(That is one messy table, yeah, I know.)

Then, here are the cute ones I might replace it with....

This one is from Lowe's, and it's probably my favorite out of the ones I've found so far. Plus, I'm thinking, I can probably make ours look similar to this one, especially if I can find some new globes! :)

Ok, obviously Adam would never go for this one, but I can dream right? :)

This one reminds me of Beetlejuice, haha. :) Adam would never go for this one either, but I still love it! :)

This one is way to expensive, but I think it's really cool! :)

This one is soooo FUN! :) I can totally see this in our house! Plus it matches our green paint! ;) Too expensive though!

This one is completely unique! I LOVE THIS! :) Adam's response "hmmm". haha

I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but as soon as we decide something I'll definitely post about it!! Stay tuned.... :)

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ratty daddy dinkdum said...

The first one: Still would have to see it in person, but I think your current fixture would look great if it was changed to look similar. A little bit of paint and new globes is all you would need. Second one: Love, love, love it! Third one: Would have to see it in person. Fourth one: It's okay but probably looks better in person. Fifth one: Love, love, love it! Sixth one: Would have to see it in person. I don't think the picture does it justice.


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