Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I FOUND IT! -- New Sewing Table

This past weekend I coerced Mom to go with me to Mobile, AL to the Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery July estate sale! :) We went on Saturday, so everything except furniture and jewelry was 30% off. I got a cute candlestick for 70 cents, and a pile of pillowcases, placemats and a sheet for 70 cents each to start out.

As we were walking to the front to check out, I noticed a white table piled underneath some other furniture. I looked at Mom and said, "Is that what I think it is??" Sure enough, a cute porcelain top dining table was sitting right near the entrance, and we would have missed it if we hadn't walked over there again. I couldn't believe what great condition the top was in. No chips, dings, etc. Just a pretty, natural worn look. Plus, the bottom was stable as well. (I wish I had taken a picture of it all covered up, but I ended up not taking any pictures! Next time I will!!)

One of the estate sale workers came over and helped us dig it out so I could see it better. And I was super excited when I saw the price tag.......$58!!! Are you kidding me? I've been debating spending $180 for the one on ebay! HA! While we were chatting with his wife, he left and then came back. To our surprise, he said, "I got them to go down to $45." I looked at him and said "SOLD! Load it up!" haha :)

Mom and I were talking about the table on the way home, and I realized it was exactly what I had wished for in my previous post about searching for one. It's got a blue drawer (not a blue knob like the one in Daphne, but what a coincidence right? And since it doesn't have a knob or handle, I can add my own), it's in perfect shape like the one on ebay, and I got it for $45 which is close enough to the $40 one that's in town! I still can't believe we found one! :) And the best part is, we weren't even looking for one. haha I guess good things do come to those who wait and aren't looking right? ;)

So here is my pretty table with my sewing machine on it! It's ready to go!

Now I'm off to find a vintage chair...... :)

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ratty daddy dinkdum said...

Love your table! It is SO cute! I am so glad you found it and glad I was with you. That estate sale was a lot of fun. We will definitely go again. Love you :)

Jo said...

Don't you just love it when you unexpectedly find a treasure! If I lived in Pcola we could go junkin' all the time together! Congrats on your new fabulous find!

Beth said...

Thanks Mom! :) I still can't believe we found it! haha!

YES Jo!!! It's so fun!! And I'd love to go with you!! :) Maybe y'all will be closer one day!! But if I'm ever over that way I'll let you know and we can go!!! I bet there is all kinds of great stuff there!! :) Besides, I still have to meet sweet Brant!!

ratty daddy dinkdum said...

Hey Beth, You and I need to take a trip to New Orleans. We could visit with Jo and meet sweet Brant (pinch his cheeks too!). And then fit in some antiquing. What do you think? Love ya :)

OldeMobile said...

I am so glad you enjoyed our estate sale!! Next one is the first weekend of August; I hope you'll make it over again! I regularly post updates on Facebook and Twitter when the sale items begin being sorted, so please follow us to get sneak peeks. This lot looks to have lots of 50s charm and lots of art...

Grammy Goodwill said...

That's a great find you have there. I hope you do as well finding a chair. Now if only I could sew. I'm so envious.


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