Friday, February 4, 2011

Planning on a couple of Pier 1 knock offs...

So I got the latest Pier 1 catalog in the mail recently, and as I was flipping through I found bunches of things that I just know I can duplicate. :) I called Adam over and said look, I can make this, and this, and this. His response was, well get to it. haha :) Here are a few of my favs!

No duplication needed for this pretty lady, she just might come home with me from the store soon! :) A perfect addition to our office/craft room that we are starting to reorganize!
LOVE this screen!! I can see this fitting perfectly in our house! We love Paris and can't wait to go back again!!!

LOVE moasics!! :) I've seen plenty of thick black frames while thrifting. Add a mirror and moasic the edge, and wallah. :)

I've seen so many cheap hand mirrors while out and about, how cute would it be to get them all together in an eclectic bunch and make something similar!

I am so going to try to make some cute slip covers for our dining rooms chairs. Without the ruffle probably though. Our cats would think that was fun to claw. Maybe just some cute trim instead. :)

I've though of about 5 different things I could use to duplicate this - cardboard, thin sheet metal, aluminum foil, felt, fabric (stiffened of course), and I'm sure others once I sit down and think it out.

These are adorable! And since I got a new sketch pad for Christmas I might be whipping something up like this for our house!!

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