Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the Hunt for a Vintage Craft/Sewing Table

It's been awhile since I've posted! But I've busy BUSY! :) I've been picking up lots of goodies at local antique/flea market/thrift/whatever you want to call them shops. haha :) Most recently though I've been on the hunt for a porcelain top table!

My Mom has my Grandma's in her craft/sewing room. It's from the 1940s or 1950s I believe, and it's the table my Grandma and Grandpa set up their very first house together with. :) I LOVE that table, and I'm so glad we have it! Here it is in the picture below with my Mom's sewing machine on it!

So I've been on the hunt for one to use at my house! I've found a few, but I haven't found the "one" yet, but I'll keep looking!! Here are a few of the options and how I came across them!

Last Saturday, I decided to head over to Daphne, AL for an estate sale. It was the last day of the sale and I figured they wouldn't have much left, but I made a FANTASTIC find! It's probably the best deal I've found since I started thrifting!! :) More about that and all the other goodies I've found lately in another post tomorrow! Anyways, after the estate sale, I decided to make a quick stop at the Daphne Antique Galleria. I ended up coming across this cute table and chair.

Unfortunately, it wasn't priced, and the shop wasn't able to get a hold of the vendor that day. Monday I was able to call and get a price of $145 for the table and chair together. So Adam and I drove back over last night to check it out a little closer and decide if it was worth the $145. Turns out the table is quite wobbly, and all of the hardware underneath is completely rusted. And one of the legs is split pretty bad in several places. So at this point, we've decided to pass on this table. :( Sad, since it's so cute, but I kind of want something in a little better condition, and something I can use asap without having to repair it much.

While I was waiting on a price from the store, I found this beauty on ebay.

I've talked to the seller, and they assure me it's in very good condition, and will be taken apart to be shipped. (They ship via Greyhound bus. I'm kind of looking forward to possibly heading to the bus station to pick up a table. If someone asks if I'm waiting for something, I'll just say oh yeah, my table.) :) haha Anyways, it's listed at $179.99, but has a best offer. So I'm trying to decide if I want to take a chance on it, and hope it's in great shape and gets here without any damage!! Anyone else ever have anything shipped via Greyhound? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Today I was randomly seaching our craigslist, and came across this cute little table at a local flea market/antique shop called Jennifer's.

I thought for sure since the listing was from over a month ago it would be gone. Mom called about it and they weren't sure where the table was. (They have 3 separate buildings there, so they would have been hunting all day.) haha So I took off from work a little early and headed over there. Lucky for me this place is much closer to work than my house! And I found it! :) What's funny about it is, that it's in my friend's mom's booth! LOL :) It was listed at $50 on craigslist, but she has a 20% off sale in her booth right now, so it's only $40. Here's the kicker though... It's about 3 inches too short. So I'd probably have to take the top off and put it on another table base, or make a new base altogether.

They are holding it for me until tomorrow so I don't have to worry about anyone scooping it up while I decide. :)

So that's where I'm at so far. Wouldn't it be nice to take the cute blue knob from the first table and the red chair, pair it with the base and top of the 2nd table, and then get it all for the $40 price tag of the 3rd table. If only it were that simple. ;)

As soon as I make a decision I'll post about it!! I even made a space for the table in our office/craft room too! So I am READY!! :)

I did make a new friend today though. Isn't she cute? Too skinny, but very sweet. Adam says we can fatten her up. haha

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