Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Y'all! :)

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter today! Adam and I got to spend the weekend together (he was OFF!! YAY!!) :) and then we spent today with his parents and then mine! We ate WAY TOO MUCH food, but all of it was oh so YUMMY! :) hehe We've got a busy week ahead of us preparing for a HUGE neighborhood garage sale at my mom's! LOTS of stuff to get rid of!! :)

Easter cookies we decorated!! :) hehe

Adam's on the left and his mom's on the right :)

Mine (I know, a little scary right?) :) and Adam's Dad's on the right :)

The girls added a little more bling to ours. hehe

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Nicole said...

Looks like y'all had a good time! We ate way to much food too! :)

ratty daddy dinkdum said...

Cute cookies! We'll have to make some that are gluten free and decorate them. Love you :)


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