Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upside Down Christmas :)

Even though we are putting up our normal tree, I'm still thinking I want an upside down Christmas tree for our bedroom. :) It would go nicely in the corner, and I'm thinking the 5' one from Home Depot is perfect. :) Adam isn't too keen on my idea, and says he's going to tattle on my to his Dad who is all about traditional Christmas stuff. His Dad won't even give us any ideas as to what he wants for Christmas before Thanksgiving, and refuses to even look at Christmas things before December. haha :) And Adam says I can put in the office, not the bedroom. He just doesn't have any imagination! Oh well, what do y'all think? Upside down or not?

Plus, look how cute this one is! I have no clue where this pic originated from! I found it in a google image search on another blog. :) I'd LOVE to have this in my house along with the person who put it together!

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ratty daddy dinkdum said...


Nicole said...

I saw a picture of an upside down Christmas tree on FB and I was wondering how that worked! I think they are pretty neat!

Beth said...

haha of course you do Mom :) I think they are neat too Nicole! :) We are too modern for Adam and Mom apparently! ;)


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