Friday, December 10, 2010

Some of my favorite things that made my Christmas list this year!

Alright, I thought I'd post some of things that I love this holiday season! I'd love to see what all of you want for Christmas too! So be sure to leave a comment! :)
Ugg Boots! I have wanted a real pair for forever! I have 2 fake versions, which don't get me wrong, they are great but I always have issues getting my jeans comfortably tucked into them. They just aren't wide enough to fit my calves and jeans very well. So I've always held off on a real pair since they cost so much, but this year once I saw the Bailey 3 button version, I was sold! I can unbutton them, stuff my jeans in and then button them back up! No more struggling to get my jeans out of sight!! So I'm hoping there will be a pair of these lovelies under our tree this year!! :)

Next on my list is of course a Silhouette SD Cutter! My mom and I have been looking at these for months and I'm so excited about all the fun things I'll be able to make with it once I get one!!! :)

Next would of course be a gift card for Bonefish! I LOVE this place! The Bang Bang Shrimp are our FAV!! Adam and I could probably eat here once a week if it didn't cost so dang much! I think everytime there is a special occasion we want to go here. Stick with what's good right? :)

Donkey Kong for Wii!! :) I am so ecstatic that they brought this game out for the Wii!! Every year when I was little I'd always be so excited to get the latest Donkey Kong game for my Super Nintendo. I'd be locked away in our spare bedroom for several days until I beat the game, then be ready for the next one! :) I did have to take breaks from time to time when my mom got tired of me yelling at the game when I wasn't playing well. But hey, I wanted to beat the game! :)

And last but not least, SATC 2! :) I LOVE these ladies, and I just can't get enough! I watch the seasons all the time! :) haha They always make me laugh! Plus it combines 2 of my favorite things! NYC and fashion!! LOVE them both! :)

There are plenty of other things I want, but for now, those are the top choices! :) I hope everyone gets exactly what they want from Santa this year!

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michellelivingston said...

I LOVE the upside down tree! I saw one in Destin a few years ago and would love to have one myself oneday. GO FOR IT!!!
Also-- we couldnt hold out- we got Donkey Kong!! :) I'm thrilled and cant wait to start playing once I get over this cold. Chad has never played our old kind from super nintendo-- did you even know there was one before that? Its not cool like ours, but the new one is. I tried it at Best Buy. Cant wait to catch up with you! Call me or something.

Denise said...

I wanted to add that not only did she yell at the game, she would BITE the remote. Yes, you read that correctly, she would BITE the remote. So, breaks for Beth were definitely needed while playing Donkey Kong. The tunes from those video games will always be stuck in my mind. I heard them over and over and over and over. But I miss those days, and you are welcome to bring your game over here any time and play it. For old times' sake. I will play it too, and you can laugh at me moving the remote around. :) Love you lots

Beth said...

haha :) I hated losing!!!! :) And since the new one is on wii, you can move that controller around all over the place! :) hehe LOVE YOU!


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